PVSITES Demo Sites: EMPA campus carport completed

Works for the installation of a PV carport in the parking of EMPA Campus in Dübendorf, Switzerland, have been completed. The modules installed consist of semi-flexible and lightweight CIGS solar panels designed and [...]


PVSITES demos sites: One of the carports has been finalized near Zurich!

The construction, modules installation and grid connection works for one of the carports have been finalized near Zurich. The carport structure has been built around curved [...]

The latest from PVSITES: October 2018

This is the fourth release of PVSITES Newsletter. PVSITES has made good progress during 2018 as can be seen from the extensive [...]



Advancing BIPV in Europe

The PVSITES H2020 project has published an article at the PV-TECH power journal. The article provides and overview of the development of BIPV over the past decade and presents [...]


Call for candidates for the Vilogia demonstration site

PVSITES partner Vilogia is looking for a contractor to install a ventilated BIPV facade in northern France. Click for more details.


New demonstration site: École Hôtelière de Genève

One of the initially foreseen demonstration sites, an industrial warehouse located in Zurich, will be replaced by the École Hôtelière de Genève, an educational building.