Building-Integrated photovoltaic technologies and systems for large-scale market deployment

BIMsolar & PVSITES plugins

Developed by CADCAMation, PVSITES addresses the need for a software tool for the joint simulation of BIPV products and building energy performance by presenting BIMSOLAR software as a tool that helps the end-users to integrate BIPV in the design, construction and management of their buildings.

BIMSOLAR works as a Software as a Service platform, providing support to every stakeholder involved in solar building design. eCatalogs feed in solar PV simulation with specific BIPV parameters, enriching virtual design facilities and improving thermal and visual performance. Showcasing BIPV products inside virtual workspaces supports supply chain actors and designers helping them to start a direct relationship with commercial commitment.

The PVSITES software suite is based on the BIMsolar platform developed by CADCAMation. It allows professional and academic users to easily model and evaluate BIPV projects in terms of:

  • Architectural design
  • Energy production
  • Thermal impact
  • Light transmission



BIMsolar and PVSITES plugins areavailable to all for free in its current state (beta version) on the dedicated online platform:

▶ PVSITES Software Platform or via BIMSOLAR website

Current features:

A user-friendly interface guides you through iterative steps:

  • Import of building 3D models from various formats, including BIM, such as .skp (SketchUp), .ifc (openBIM), .gbXML (Green Building) and .idf (EnergyPlus)
  • Selection of project location and built-in download of corresponding weather data
  • Visualization of irradiance on all surfaces of the 3D model
  • Optional import of existing BIPV products in the software, or assisted self-design of products
  • Easy, flexible layouting of BIPV modules and surfaces in various configurations (on roofs, facades, canopies, etc)
  • Inverter selection and stringing of modules, either manual or automated
  • Precise simulation of PV performance and including losses by shadowing and other factors
  • Financial analysis to evaluate the project viability under different scenarios, including net-metering and self-consumption of electricity.
  • Built-in database of all BIPV products developed within the PVSITES project
  • Automated generation of project report
  • Modelling of energy storage (batteries) and building energy management strategies
  • Standardized optical simulation of glazing systems for skylights, ventilated facades etc
  • Angular optical simulation of glazing systems for more accurate optical modelling of glazed products (tentative)
  • Thermal simulation of glazing products (solar heat gain) and of modelled buildings (with EnergyPlus files)


Written guidance and FAQs regarding the use and restrictions of the PVSITES software tool are available on the dedicated online platform linked above.  No direct support of users is yet available from the developer or PVSITES project consortium. Support will become available when the release version of the software is commercialized towards the end of the project, as a freemium model (Software as a Service).


PVSITES Catalogue (product portfolio)

PVSITES has summarised its BIPV innovations and installations done in a catalogue available in two versions (PDF-Flipbook and web tool). The catalogue presents a complete portfolio of BIPV solutions (BIPV Modules based on crystalline silicon, CIGS technology and advanced grid interface for BIPV system) to help architects, designers, planners, engineers, installers, and building managers to build robust knowledge on BIPV available solutions and applications.

Web version

The web version consists of a special page embedded into the BIMsolar web platform that provides full guidance from product selection to real case applications allowing the user to navigate trough all specific product details and to add the selected product into BIMsolar object for free.

The PVSITES portfolio embeds into BIMsolafeatures the latest innovations for:

  • Thin film CIGS modules from FLISOM
  • c-Si glass modules from ONYX Solar
  • BIPV SiC inverter from CEA
  • Inverter with storage system and DC coupling from TECNALIA

All products are published to the market as a « BIM-ready » component for Autodesk® REVIT® software and community​

The PVsites eCatalog aims at providing virtual objects reflecting real products to be used within BIMsolar and the BIM ecosystem. You will now discover the PVsites portfolio through a user experience. 

Visit PVSITES- BIMsolar

PDF/Flipbook version

PVSITES project catalogue presents the BIPV product portfolio developed by PVSITES project. The document is based on the project technical report “Structure contents and operation mechanisms of BIPV products portfolio” and on the design, prototyping and results of installation and commissioning for every PVSITES demonstration site. The findings from this previous work have been thoughtfully outlined in this catalogue aimed at providing useful information to allow the reader to select the optimum product at the project design level. 

For each product presented in the catalogue there are three different types of information described:

  1. a data sheet that describes the product;
  2. a design description that describes how the design decisions are made and how the final solution is designed;
  3. an overview and instructions for the installation of the product.

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