PVSITES Webinar #3 Featured

The third and last PVSITES webinar has been held today 25 June 2020. This webinar has addressed the need for a software tool for the joint simulation of BIPV products and building energy performance by presenting BIMSOLAR software as a tool that helps the end-users to integrate BIPV in the design, construction and management of their buildings.

Read more to watch the recording of the webinar and download the presentations.

PVSITES Webinar #2 Featured

The second PVSITES webinar has been held today 24 June 2020. This webinar has focused on presenting the catalogue of products and technologies developed by the different developers involved in PVSITES. Also, the webinar has been a unique opportunity to understand how these products have been virtualized and integrated into BIMSOLAR.

Read more to watch the recording of the webinar and download the presentations.

PVSITES Webinar #1 Featured

PVSITES project has held its first webinar today 23 June 2020. This webinar has been the first of a series of 3 webinars aimed at presenting part of the PVSITES project results. 
In this case, the webinar has focused on PVSITES project contribution to BIPV market: Introduction to project demo sites, catalogue or products and software tool 
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Driving the BIPV technology to a large market deployment: BIPV products, BIM modelling and applications

PVSITES project has the pleasure to invite you to join our project experts on BIPV and BIM software in a series of 3 free webinars to be organised on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of June 2020. These webinars will highlight key insights resulted from the past 4.5 years of project implementation.

Each webinar will provide an ideal platform to learn more about the following [...]


PVSITES at the EU PVSEC 2020

PVSITES project has received two oral presentations at the EU PVSEC 2020. This year the event will take place online from the 7th until the 10th of September 2020.  The details of the presentations are provided below:

 1. Low Concentration and Solar Control Photovoltaic System for Building Integration: Yearly Results and Analysis of Skylight System

2. BIM - A Driver for Cost Reduction within the BIPV Industry

For more information on the agenda, visit https://www.photovoltaic-conference.com/


6th PVSITES training workshops in Lille, France

The 6th and final PVSITES training workshop occurred at the Vilogia headquarters in Lille, France. This workshop was the most popular of the BIPV workshop series, with over 50 participants taking part. The day started off with a tour of PVSITES’ largest demo-site, a 48-unit apartment building with a 112 m² BIPV wall installed on one side. While at the demo-site, participants had the opportunity to its design, installation and operation. The afternoon was combined with an engaging mixture of presentations and roundtables on a variety of topics related to PVSITES and BIPV, including the challenges faced by BIPV installers and the future of BIPV products.


5th PVSITES training workshops in Stambruges, Belgium

The 5th PVSITES training workshop took place in Stambruges, Belgium, roughly an hour outside of Brussels towards the French border. This workshop was held in a unique location, the headquarters of project partner Format D2, which also serves as the innovative home of FD2 founder Dominique Deramaix. About 15 participants attended the Belgian version of the BIPV training workshop and guided visit. During the workshop stakeholders and project members learned about the history of BIPV, as well as the latest state-of-the-art applications. Project leaders also provided participants with the latest updates regarding PVSITES and how the technology from the project would fit into the current BIPV landscape. The workshop was capped off with a tour the “PVSITES” retrofitted home and a video on how it all came to together. Read more to download the presentations.


4th PVSITES training workshops at Ecole Hotelière de Genève (EHG) in Genève, Switzerland

This event closed the PVSITES training workshops in Switzerland. On this occasion, the event was organised by CADCAMATION at the Ecole Hotelière de Genève (EHG). This emblematic location hosts one of the PVSITES demos consisting of a BIPV facade in an Educational Building. The session trained around 25 participants from the Geneva and Swiss milieu. Participants had a unique opportunity to visit and learn first-hand from the installers and module manufacturer on the installation that is currently taking place in the building. As in other sessions, the project consortium also presented the project results being the PVSITES software tool one of the most attractive results for the attendees. Click read more to download the presentations.


3rd PVSITES training workshop at Nest Building in Dübendrof

The third training workshop was organised by Flisom and hosted at the Nest Facilities in EMPA campus in Dübendorf. In this session, the discussion focused on the PV carports installed at EMPA and in Seuzach. Participants to the workshop had the opportunity to interact with the consortium and to visit the PVSITES carport demonstrator which is also hosting a fully operative EV charger. Click read more to get the presentations from the event.


2nd PVSITES Training workshop at Cricursa

The second training workshop has been hosted by project partner Cricursa which owns the industrial demo of the project. The workshop has been organised at their factory in Granollers, Barcelona. Several stakeholders from the region had the opportunity to learn on the project results, products developed, demonstrators and more specifically on the installation developed at the factory roof. More information about this specific demo can be consulted here