Save the date! We are happy to announce that in November 2019, the PVSITES training workshops will take place in the 6 demo sites. Check the information here


Current status of the project demo sites

The installation works in the demo sites are nearly finished, therefore it is time to showcase the results.  

PVSITES Results in Brief: Solar technology brings Europe closer to nearly-zero energy buildings

A summary of PVSITES results has been included in the Results Pack published on the CORDIS website. CORDIS Results Pack purpose is to collect and categorize project results tailored to the needs of specialized audiences who can further exploit them.

Specifically, the article has been published in the results pack on Harnessing solar power: The future shines bright

The publication is available in several European languages here


Building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) as a viable option among renewables

PVSITES has been mentioned in an article published on the European Portal for Energy Efficiency, BUILD UP. The article presents PVSITES as a driver for large market deployment of BIPV technology. [...]

Press release published

A press release has been recently published about PVSITES carport installed near Zurich by Flisom. The original version is in German, but the English version can be found at the following link:


PVSITES selected as Success Story by the European Commission

The European Commission has presented PVSITES as a H2020 Success Story in an article published at the Commission's website. The article presents PVSITES' objectives, results and actual progress on the project activities. More specifically, it highlights the fact [...] 


PVSITES Demo Sites: PV façade installation ongoing

Works for the installation of a ventilated façade at Tecnalia's offices in San Sebastian are ongoing. This PVSITES demonstration site comprises the installation of two symmetrical ventilated façades made of photovoltaic glass with back-contact  c-Si cells [...]



PVSITES Demo Sites: Works started at Vilogia demo site

Installation works for the ventilated façade to be added to the PVSITES demo site (apartment building) in northern France have already started. Currently, Vilogia has completed the installation of the scaffolding that will facilitate a speedy mounting of the substructure [...]


PVSITES Demo Sites: EMPA campus carport completed

Works for the installation of a PV carport in the parking of EMPA Campus in Dübendorf, Switzerland, have been completed. The modules installed consist of semi-flexible and lightweight CIGS solar panels designed and [...]


PVSITES demos sites: One of the carports has been finalized near Zurich!

The construction, modules installation and grid connection works for one of the carports have been finalized near Zurich. The carport structure has been built around curved [...]