New PVSITES video

PVSITES has produced a new video to be used in the training workshops taking place in November 2019  that highlights the BIPV installations carried out in the project demonstrators.


2nd PVSITES Training workshop at Cricursa

The second training workshop has been hosted by project partner Cricursa which owns the industrial demo of the project. The workshop has been organised at their factory in Granollers, Barcelona. Several stakeholders from the region had the opportunity to learn on the project results, products developed, demonstrators and more specifically on the installation developed at the factory roof. More information about this specific demo can be consulted here


PVSITES training workshop at Tecnalia facilities

This event has been the first of six workshops that will take place across Europe in November 2019. The event gathered around 40 participants from different groups of stakeholders from PV installers, manufactures, constructors to architects. The workshop was completed with a guided visit to the PVSITES demo at Tecnalia which, in brief, consist in a BIPV installation in a office building. More information of this demo can be read here



Save the date! We are happy to announce that in November 2019, the PVSITES training workshops will take place in the 6 demo sites. Check the information here


Current status of the project demo sites

The installation works in the demo sites are nearly finished, therefore it is time to showcase the results.  


PVSITES at the EU PVSEC 2019

PVSITES project has been selected for two oral presentations during the 36th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition. [...]

PVSITES Results in Brief: Solar technology brings Europe closer to nearly-zero energy buildings

A summary of PVSITES results has been included in the Results Pack published on the CORDIS website. CORDIS Results Pack purpose is to collect and categorize project results tailored to the needs of specialized audiences who can further exploit them.

Specifically, the article has been published in the results pack on Harnessing solar power: The future shines bright

The publication is available in several European languages here


Building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) as a viable option among renewables

PVSITES has been mentioned in an article published on the European Portal for Energy Efficiency, BUILD UP. The article presents PVSITES as a driver for large market deployment of BIPV technology. [...]


Success story: Crystalline silicon photovoltaic skylight by Onyx Solar

PVSITES partner Onyx Solar has used black frit PVSITES modules made of crystalline silicon for this installation in Denmark [...]


PVSITES at the ETIP PV conference

PVSITES has been selected for a visual presentation during the upcoming ETIP PV "READYING FOR THE TW ERA" conference. This year's edition [...]