Success story: Crystalline silicon photovoltaic skylight by Onyx Solar


KIRK KAPITAL is primarily a business and investment company which seeks to create a long-term capital return, the wealth managed by KIRK KAPITAL today has its origins back to 1932. This was the year that Ole Kirk Kristiansen started making wooden toys that from 1934, he sold them as LEGO toys.

Located between the Vejle Fjord and Vejle city centre, Denmark, is the first building designed entirely by artist Olafur Eliasson. Rising out of the water, forges to striking new connection between Vejle Fjord and the city center.

Formed by four intersecting cylinders, soars to a height of twenty-eight metres (ninety two feet)

Onyx Solar has participated in the construction of the new headquarters of this company where innovation and sustainability are priorities. The photovoltaic glass has been integrated into the form of a circular roof, with eleven circles of different diameters. In total, 446 glass units with different types of measurements have been installed. Regular ones of 1015x1000 mm and others with a semicircular shape to complete the circles of the cover. The glass used is opaque, made of crystalline silicon, where the front of the glass is acid etch and the rear layer includes a black frit for a more homogeneous aesthetics. This skylight has a total installed power capacity of 51 kWp, and generates approximately 40,638 kWh per year.


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