Success story: Blue tinted crystalline silicon glass installed at Balenciaga storefront (Miami, USA) by Onyx Solar

Within PVSITES project, c-Si BIPV modules, manufactured by Onyx Solar, have been intensively tested to take these products to the market. As a result,42 units (16 kW peak power) of BIPV glass-glass curtain wall have been installed by Onyx at Balenciaga storefront in Miami.  Each one of the 42 units of glass (which sizes are 2804 x 1388 mm and 2808 x 1413 mm) have a peak power of 338 Wp, resulting in 7700 kW to be generated yearly. The polycrystalline PV glass installed in the store located in Miami Fashion District has a beautiful blue color in the exterior side of the laminate. Its configuration is Hurricane Resistant and each glass lite is heat strengthened. It has an optimized solar factor, which enhances thermal comfort inside the building.

More infromation is available at Onyx Solar website and at this video