Announcement of PVSITES Advisory Board

The Advisory Board for the PVSITES project has been appointed. It comprises five respected members from the BIPV community, who provide regular external advice during the project lifetime:

  • Mr. Michiel Ritzen (Netherlands):

Architect, Expert in the fields of sustainable energy and environmental impacts in architecture, Senior Researcher at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in Heerlen.

  • Mr. Jan Clyncke (Belgium):

Expert in treatment and recycling schemes for photovoltaic waste, Managing Director of the pan-European organisation PV Cycle.

  • Mr. David Moser (Italy):

Physicist, Expert in indoor and outdoor characterisation of BIPV modules and in optimisation of BIPV systems, Senior Researcher at the Institute for Renewable Energy at EURAC.

  • Mr. Emmanuel Dufrasnes (France):

Architect, Expert in sustainable engineering of buildings and territories, Teacher-Researcher at the National School of Architecture in Strasbourg.

  • Mr. Robert Hecker (Germany):

Business Engineer, Expert in energy-efficient buildings and facade-integrated PV, Project Manager at the department of facade engineering at Züblin/STRABAG.

Former Advisory Board member:

  • Mr. Emiliano Perezagua (Spain):

PV consultant, Former Chief Operations Officer of Isofotón, member of several working groups at the EU ETIP PV. Mr. Perezagua very sadly passed away in October 2017.